"Only with trust, faith, and support can the woman allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her." ~Claudia Lowe

Prenatal and Birth Services

Birth Doula ~ $800

As your doula I will meet with you in your home at least three times before your birth. The first meeting will be a basic prenatal meeting where we will come together as a team and discuss your birth vision, and how I can assist you and your partner during your pregnancy and birth. We will go over any questions you or your partner may have about the prenatal time, the birth journey, and the role of a doula. Our second meeting will be a personalized "Nurtured Mama, Confident Partner" session that will include relaxation, massage, aromatherapy, rebozo techniques, and instruction for partner on ways to use the rebozo for comfort and support during your birthing time. Our third meeting will be a birth run-through. I will come to your home and we will work together to explore plans, positions, and comfort techniques to use as your birth progresses, beginning with early labor and working up to the descent of baby. This final meeting allows new parents to feel confident in their ability to work together during the birth, and lets the birth support team better understand the roles that they may find themselves in during the birth.

As your doula I am available to you by phone and e-mail throughout the time that I am contracted. I am on-call for the two weeks before and after your guess-date, and can be contracted for other services at a discounted rate. Birth clients have open access to my lending library during the contracted time.

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